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Henry Asencio Contemporary painter Henry Asencio has emerged as one of the most intriguing youn. Art Painting, Fine Art, Figure Painting, Painting, Female Art, Art, Expressionist, Figurative Art, Abstract Expressionist

Henry Asencio, 1972 | Abstract Realism painter

American painter Henry Asencio has emerged as one of the most intriguing young artists working today. His work blends the classical ideals of figurative painting with a unique style. Merging introspection and visual spectacle, Asencio's personal investigations of the figure, spirituality and abstraction possess the power to transform todays ideals of elegance and sensuality. Abstract expressionism or Abstract realism Asencio's work cannot be categorized by style or semantics.

The Erotic Object: Surrealist Sculpture from the Collection (MoMA) Meret Oppenheim. Modern Art, Surrealist, Elements Of Art, Meret Oppenheim, Museum Of Modern Art, Sculpture, Surrealism, Art History, Female Artists

The Collection | MoMA

Our evolving collection contains almost 200,000 works of modern and contemporary art. More than 89,000 works are currently available online.

trendy art deco woman illustration alphonse mucha trendy art deco woman illustration alphonse trendy art deco woman illustration alphonse mucha Illustration - The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Art Nouveau Poster, Fine Art, Vintage Art, Painting, Illustration Art, Poster Art, Art, Trendy Art, Alphonse Mucha Art

Art Nouveau: Night’s Rest (1899) Alphonse Mucha. Art Nouveau is a movement that modernized art, trying to escape the historical styles that was popular. Many artists drew inspiration from both organic and geometric forms, making elegant designs that flowed and had natural forms and more angular contours. This is a pin because it displays the flow popularized in the movement in the dress. The lady’s form is organic and has a very elegant feel. It has moved away from the historical styles.

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Tomato Juice Box, 1964 Silkscreen ink and housepaint on plywood Canned Tomato Juice, Tomato Soup, Andy Warhol Art, Pop Art Movement, Power Pop, Popular Art, Popular Culture, Computer Art, How To Can Tomatoes
Tomato SoupAndy Warhol ArtPower PopComputer Art

Andy Warhol | Campbell Tomato Juice Box

Andy Warhol, Campbells Tomato Juice Box, 1964, screenprint ink and housepaint on plywood

Analytical Cubism Early Style of Cubist Art Founded By Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque Art Works, Impressionism, Georges, Abstract Artists, Cubism, Art, Art Movement, Picasso Cubism, Art Terms

Mandora (1909-1910)Georges Braque Cubism - Analytic Cubism lead to modern art's most extreme change from traditional representation. It removed perspective and realism. Choosing to represent the forms and space for bodies. The art allowed flow and space to blend the foreground to the background . This pin demonstrates cubism as it loses it dept perspection and becomes abstract. It doesn’t retain a form and space has filled and flood the page. There is organized chaos.

Picasso’s monumental cubist sculpture was regarded as radical in its early years as most public art in large cities were calm and stoic and mainly depicted historical figures. Canvas Art Prints, Picasso Art, Cubism Art, Art Painting, Cubist Sculpture, Painting, Museum Of Modern Art, Art, Art Movement


Girl with a Mandolin, Artist: Pablo Picasso, Date of work: 1910, Art movement: Cubism (slightly abstract and fragmented to a low degree, the image is still easily identifiable. In this artwork, although it looks like a fragmented image, a clear image is still seen.)

Photographic Print: The Pop Art Love Sculpture by Robert Indiana, Sixth Avenue, Manhattan by Amanda Hall :

The "Pop Art Love" Sculpture by Robert Indiana is display at Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. The art piece is an example of pop art. It displays the a bold, vivid and complementary colours and a simple design. 'Love' is an 'everyday', basic word that the audience is familiar with.

A beautiful blend of fauvism and pointilism. This artwork was painted by Henri Matisse. It has gone on to become one of the most popular fauvist works of art. Henri Matisse, Luxe, Calme et Volupté 1904 Modern Art, Impressionism, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Painting, Henri Matisse, Art, Art Movement, Raoul Dufy, French Artists

Luxe, Calme et Volupte, Artist: Henri Matisse, Date of work: 1904, Art movement: Fauvism (using harsh colours, final image looks flat. This work uses multiple colours. Although the colours are not blended, it still produces harmony and it gives a very serene, relaxing emotion. Also, it lacks dimension.)

Roy Lichtenstein Art, Pop Art Gallery, Pictures, m maybe Modern Art, Comic Art, Art Painting, Roy Lichtenstein, Roy Lichtenstein Art, Artist, Art Print Display, Poster Art, Art History

M-Maybe, c.1965, Roy Lichtenstein Pop's reintroduction of common imagery, with objects and people of everyday life, elevating pop culture to the fine art. By paintings mass culture objects and media stars, the Pop art movement blurred the fence between "high" art and "low" culture. The concept that art may be inspired from any source. This pin is a part of the movement because it simplifies a woman to basic colours, using the comic like stylings that is recognizable to the mass public.

'One and Three Chairs' by Joseph Kosuth is an example of conceptual art. Conceptual art is that the idea presented by the artist is considered more important than the finished product, if there is one. Systems Art, Western Art, Art History Timeline, Everyday Art, Joseph Kosuth, Gorgeous Art, Conceptual Art, Art Movement, Contemporary Art

One and Three Chairs, Artist: Joseph Kosuth, Date of work:1965, Art Movement: conceptualism (art that is made with non traditional materials. In this display, there are 2 chairs that are not painted or made with the everyday art mediums.)

Standing Wave, Artist: Naum Gabo, Date of work: Art Movement: kinetic art (movement is perceivable by the audience. In this artwork, a twisting motion is apparent, without physically moving.

Standing Wave, Artist: Naum Gabo, Date of work: 1920, Art Movement: kinetic art (movement is perceivable by the audience. In this artwork, a twisting motion is apparent, without physically moving.)

Charles Sheeler, Aucassiu and Nicolette, 1921 American Art, Modern Art, Image, Charles Demuth, Charles, Industrial Art, Art Movement, American Painting, Avant Garde Art

Aucassin and Nicolette, Artist: Charles Demuth Date of work:1921, Art Movement: precisionism (artists of this movement used geometric structures, clear outlines, and minimal detail. This work shows very straight lines throughtout, including the sky; which lacks dimension. The buildings look very plain as well.)

Claude Monet Haystacks, sunset painting for sale, this painting is available as handmade reproduction. Shop for Claude Monet Haystacks, sunset painting and frame at a discount of off. Landscape Paintings, Fine Art, Museum Of Fine Arts, Painting, Impressionist Paintings, Monet Oil Paintings, Painting Reproductions, Art, Art History

Haystacks, Artist: Claude Monet, Date of work: 1891, Art Movement: impressionism (works that include thin, but visible brush strokes with the main focus of this movement is not detail, but of light. In this painting, fine strokes of paint is observable and it has a realisic lighting.)

Door to the River, Artist: Willem de Kooning, Date of work: Art Movement: abstract (uses obvious, wild brush strokes and lively colour. This arkwork clearly shows rough brush strokes with an unfamiliar image.

Door to the River, Artist: Willem de Kooning, Date of work: 1906, Art Movement: abstract (uses obvious, wild brush strokes and lively colour. This arkwork clearly shows rough brush strokes with an unfamiliar image.)

Millet, Jean-François II - Hunting Birds at Night - Night in paintings (Western art) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fine Art, Millet, Millet Paintings, Western Art, Barbizon School, Philadelphia Museum Of Art, Jean Francois Millet, Art Google, Realism Art

Hunting Birds at Night, Artist: Jean-François Millet, Date of work: 1874, Art Movement: Realism (Expresses ideas realistically, without artificial or supernatural elements. In this artwork, it seems to have a very natural atmosphere and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.)