Soft Interface

Soft Interface by Erigonn Features: -PSDfile ) (Compatible ) - Professional, clean and precise design - Easy color change - Ful

Pure90 - Retina Digital Audio Workstation GUI Kit

- Retina Digital Audio Workstation GUI Kit by Kontramax (via Creattica)

Hmmm, realism...

Skeumorphic design is alive & well in most people just got distracted. A little dimensional realism goes a long way

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Buy Tablet/Phone User Interface PROFESSIONAL SET by diegomonzon on GraphicRiver. Highly customizable: Everything is made with editable paths, except the Pad frame that is for illustration purpose o.

Mobile DJ Tablet #ui #ios #iPad

Some amazing texture here. Tablet/Phone User Interface Professional Set V.

Record iPhone UI

UI design of a mobile interface can really have a profound effect on a smartphone user. It can make or break an app. I know I will not use an app unless it is

Amplitube iPhone UI

AmpliTube iRig Guitar Amp iPhone 3G 4/iPod/iPad FxRig