452 - The Korean Tiger

The Korean Tiger. Now called the Siberian Tiger since the Japanese wiped them off the peninsula during their occupation in an attempt to demoralize the locals.

Korean Traditional art by Shin Yun-bok

Shin Yun Bok / Hyewon: Spring mood covers all the places 춘색만원 (春色滿園) 1805

[Joseon Dynasty (18th century)] Album of Genre Paintings by Danwon (Kim Hong-do)

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA, Album of Genre Paintings by Danwon, Kim Hong-do It is hard to find a Joseon Dynasty painting that shows realistic expressions of emotion. The elite class that enjoyed paintings, the literati.

Shin Yun Bok

treebystream: Woman with a red hat (jeonmo). Painted by Shin Yun-bok, Joseon period, Korea