Top 100 Royal Crowns Ever

Top 100 Royal Crowns Ever

When you think of medieval history or high fantasy, the picture just isn’t complete without a crown-wearing King or Queen. It’s very telling of our human nature

Mildly interesting - Imgur

Mildly interesting

vintage ethnic fashion ancient South Asian styles through history - China, Japan, Vietnam cloth women

A Lady's Dressing Proccess by Ninidu (this is so cute, I would love this in a…

I found these doodles I drew some time ago and I thought I would upload them here in case it came handy So, I was trying to figure the dressing progress. A Lady's Dressing Proccess

Vietnamese Ao Dai

love the polka dots Ao Dai Traditional Vietnamese dress. The Áo dai, traditional Vietnamese dress Ao Dai - Vietnamese traditional dress Viet.

truong-thi-may-dep-kieu-sa-voi-quoc-phuc_2i2ial5foh3p6.jpg 600×900 pixels

Miss Universe Lộ diện quốc phục Việt Nam của Trương Thị May