Cool Marble Paint Technique - Super Easy DIY

Dirty Cup Pour (DIY)

Cool Marble Paint Technique - Super Easy DIY--easiest way I've seen the 'dirty pour' and 'cells' technique explained.

How amazing is this DIY Fabric Marbling technique? Fabric marbling is such a unique method and an awesome way to create a cool pattern you can somewhat control and transfer to other surfaces. We had a blast creating these cocktail and dinner napkins to use for parties or events! The process was timely, but so more

DIY Fabric Marbling

DIY Fabric Marbeling-be sure to soak fabric in alum and water, then dry. Prepare marbling bath with methocel, ammonia and warm water, and let sit for hrs or until thick. Uses acryslic paints for marbling fabric.

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Marvellous Marbling Art Called Ebru For You To Do Quite Easily

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Make your own marbled paper

Masses of marbling at the link.

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