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WHO: Tyler Spangler WHAT: "Psychedelic Portraits". Paint or digitally using the liquefy tool on Photoshop WHY: I love how the faces are unrecognizable and the black and white colour choice.

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“Maurizio Anzeri is an Italian artist who turns vintage photographs into canvases. Using different coloured threads, he traces portraits with stitches and transforms ghost like images into eye.

I'm putting together some new work to show & this guy - Maurizio Anzeri - is definitely my inspiration.

Maurizio Anzeri’s embroidered vintage photographsMaurizio Anzeri’s embroidered vintage photographs

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I found out about Anzeri about a month ago and find his work completely inspiring. These images are created by Maurizio Anzeri directly em.

Café con una nube: Los rostros bordados de Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri is an artist originally from Loano, Italy, but is currently based out of London, UK. Anzeri directly sews into found vintage photographs creating embroidered patterns that adorn and garnish the figures.

Maurizio anzeri

The Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri makes his portraits by sewing directly into found vintage photographs. Below some of his awesome collages.