font poster

I like the slight hidden message in this. Even with this however it is still easy to read and understand. The lettering is formal and smart, as though its a news column piece of text but the clean breaks and slight movement keep it fun and interesting.

The Jam at Clouds disco, 1977

The Jam at Clouds disco, 1977 - awesome design admired by Secret Art Collector - music wasn't bad either!

Typo Plakate. Designer: Niklaus Troxler, Willisau. Carnegie Mellon Swiss Poster Collection. 1996. Technique: Typographic Images

Technique: Typographic Images (Aw man, I'd forgotten about this piece; it was the inspiration for a project in one of my college design courses!

I like the use of layering of light and shadow used to give depth to this poster bodoni poster

The color scheme of this poster looks eerily playful. The g looks like its oozing off the black section of the poster. The right side is much lighter and has slightly darker letters filling some empty space.

Bodoni Poster 3 by MoonlitxReverie

For Typography Class 3 of 5 A poster showcasing the font Bodoni MT Black and it's characteristics.

Wolfgang Weingart. Typographic Process, Nr 5. Typography as (Painting). 1971-1974

Contextual & Theoretical Studies: Wolfgang Weingart Influential Designer on the look of postmodern graphic design. in Swiss

Josef Muller Brockmann. There is a sort of grid spacing that this poster is based on. Pretty cool!! (SWITZERLAND international typographic style)

Swiss (International) Style Of Design: The Guiding Principles That Influence Flat Design Josef Muller Brockmann 1955