Next Vegetales Hydroponic Plant by CC Arquitectos in León, Mexico

CC Arquitectos links agriculture offices with water-filled patios

landscape architect // landscape architecture degree & aesthetics, drawing, IT, practical // collaborative // consult clients, cost estimates, materials // guild

Week 13 - having a strategic plan of how to allocate spaces benefits the community and allows for both a beautiful and functional space

National Library of Israel Competition Entry | ODA

Gallery of National Library of Israel Competition Entry / ODA - 17

Проект «Жилой район в Новогиреево». Город Москва. Автор: Полина Явна, студент 6 группы 4 курса кафедры «ПРОМ»

The project "Residential area Novogireevo". Author: Pauline Yavna student group 6 4 courses of the department "PROM"

. onsomething Paulo Mendes da Rocha | Old/New Pinacoteca, 1988-89 São Paulo (+)

Pinacoteca, an early century building turned into one of the top Brazilian Art Museums in Brazil by the hands of architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

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