PERMANENT | つくる、たべる、かんがえる

PERMANENT is a quarterly small press magazine published by two art directors in Fukuoka, south island of Kyushu, focusing on food and dining culture and lifestyle while having the keywords "Make, Eat and Think / つくる、たべる、かんがえる" as a concept.

Tree of Life

a list of the best Brad Pitt movies that are “family-friendly" - The Tree of Life Movie Trailer Official (HD)

ASH NYC | Inspiration

Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form - Quote by Finnish architect, designer, sculptor and painter Alvar Aalto Design by Greige

Music: "High-Speed French Train" by Alexandre Desplat (from The Fantastic Mr.

Edition Two

Alquimie: Edition Two: From Chianti to clean water in the second edition of the quarterly food and drink publication

Packaging Design: Classical Music Collection by Valentin Leonida - created via

Packaging for a Classical Music Collection by Valentin Leonida The box keeps inside a full collection of classical music stored on crystal sticks technology. The new sound will reveal subtle melodies you never knew existed.

Osk Studio / Stardust Visions

The emotional potential of virtual and physical spaces, the collaboration with – and creation of – emerging technologies, the expansion of narrative in evolving contexts.

Tucked away in the basement of Lush Edinburgh is a boutique spa with the feeling of a country kitchen (modelled after the owners own kitchen at home.