Ferroconcrete’s clean, min­i­mal and whim­si­cal brand­ing for früute

Check out Ferroconcrete‘s clean, minimal and whimsical branding for früute, who makes all sorts of colorful and interestingly constructed tarts. The brand provides a perfect backdrop to showcase these mini works of art.

I like the timeline on the left. Associating each element with the time is a very clean way of displaying the information.

Timeline format The top 5 medical discoveries in history, with detailed info on each discovery via this infographic from Carrington College.

Apple Watch GUI for Sketch - Design+Code

Every element, including the Apple Watch devices, icons and clocks have been vectorized in Sketch. You can resize, export and tickle them at any resolution.

糖果 - ICONFANS|图标粉丝网|专业图标界面设计论坛,软件界面设计,图标制作下载,人机交互设计

糖果 - ICONFANS|图标粉丝网|专业图标界面设计论坛,软件界面设计,图标制作下载,人机交互设计

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