Korea, Joseon Dynasty, Ceremonial Robes worn by Highest Ranking Royal Consort

Han Hyo-joo as Dong-yi aka Choi Suk-bin in her inauguration as Suk-bin She's the mother of the king of Joseon, Yeongjo who was the father of Crown Prince Sado and grandfather of Yi San.

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Dong Yi - 동이 - The veteran director of classics Jewel In the Palace and wildly popular Yi San returns with another historical epic in this tale of a young commoner who rises to become the king's concubine.

Here is an awesome example of Silver-thread embroidery from the South Korean historical drama "Yi San' (one of my favorites)

aka Lee San Wind of the Palace (이산) - 76 episodes - 5 stars! A historical drama about the life of King Jeongjo -