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Yoga per bambini

ABC Yoga for Kids - Not only would this be an awesome way to learn the ABC's, but get some great physical activity while doing so! Introducing the children to a wide variety of things at an early age like yoga is so important.

Top15 yoga poses for INSOMNIA & sleep related problems - Ease into a restful night's sleep with this yoga sequence to try at home. Practice these poses with deep breathing for maximum benefits.

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Yoga sequence for immune response. Don't forget these upper body strengthening poses are good for the hamstrings and core too - very important aspects to successful athletics.

I've done this sequence and several others on his website./'Tis the season to feel sickly, but luckily yoga can boost your immune system. Jason Crandell put together an immune boosting sequence to help eliminate winter illness.

Kettlebell Workout

FREE PDF Essential Full Body Kettlebell Printable Workout for Men & Women - everything you need to know for the ultimate kettlebell workout!