Internet of Things - Telit #motiongraphics

Great idea for still images as well as motion graphics. Internet of Things. What is actually Internet? What could possibly happen during one minute using Internet?

Drop-Toilet of tomorrow by Pengfei LI, via Behance

The toilet 'drop' is a prospective concept. Thanks to the sensor system, we don't need to touch to use. And the foam water replaces the normal water, we save water for every flush.

LED SPOTLIGHT by IOTA design, via Behance

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무인양품 모바일 앱 'MUJI passport' 리디자인 - 그래픽 디자인, UI/UX

무인양품 모바일 앱 'MUJI passport' 리디자인 - 그래픽 디자인, UI/UX

砂時計みたいな照明『15分ランプ』がスゴイ! 砂がすべて落ちると電気が消えて画期的!! | Pouch[ポーチ]

Once you are dead asleep, there is little use of the night lamp that keeps burning uselessly. The 15 Minutes Lamp is an innovative fusion of