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This looks like an interesting platform to try out. Did you know Purple Coyote Printing can also help you with your digital designing? We have a fantastic graphic designer on staff who can help you out.

After looking at lovely soothing flat designs this morning I feel a bit like someone has poured acid in my eyes, but overall the layout and the bright colours make for a fresh looking website.

Color blocking and flat design seem quite appropriate for a "Crisp" web portfolio. The juxtaposition of the white and grey next the neon colors help prevent vibrating borders, but this is still quite bright.

9 Android Apps to Improve Self-Promotion | Redbubble Blog

9 Android Apps that Make Promoting Yourself Online Fun and Easy

Meetup by Vitaly Medvedev

Meetup by Vitaly Medvedev  Posted by Chris, Jürgen, and Werner #iphone ui Planning

Workflows similar to this help you from wasting time pushing pixels and color picking. Solidify the function and ui; then design the client approved concept.

Museo™ - Desktop App v1 by Steve Fraschini TAGS: #ui #player #thumbnail

Hey Dribbblers, Here is the first version of the Museo™ - Desktop App. Still working on some crucial functions in order to make the app really fun. - See attached files for BIGGER VIEW Press L .