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Terracotta Pots | Terra-cotta Planters | Clay Pots We love the look of stacks of clay #flowerpots that have weathered, colorful planters & containers that compliment each other. The beauty lies in the simplicity!

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West Creek Design: Valentine Topiary with an aged, weathered Terra Cotta Pot - garden pot design Pot Jardin, Clay Pots, Garden Pots, Garden Sheds, Pink Garden, Fruit Garden, Garden Styles, Container Gardening, Vegetable Gardening

West Creek Design

Terra cotta should look at least 1,000 years old before you even look at them!

We love this- a wonderful use of a beautiful piece of wood! Decorative and func… - Regal Selber Bauen Woodworking Patterns, Woodworking Projects, Woodworking Vise, Wood Stumps, Tree Stumps, Tree Stump Decor, Tree Trunk Slices, Bois Diy, Creation Deco

Wood Slice {Styled X3} - Stacy Risenmay

Wahoo! It is time for my favorite series. I purposely have the participating bloggers NOT tell me what they did because I want to be just as surprised as you. The ladies that are helping me this month are SO FANTASTIC and I covet their stylish homes so I know they are going to knock our […]

Super Sale Standard Pots - We have beautiful pottery, terracotta pots and ollas for your home and garden. We ship our handcrafted pottery directly to you. Shop Arizona Pottery now! Tiny Flowers, Flower Pots, Baby Cactus, Terracotta Pots, Clay Pots, Holiday Ornaments, Easter Crafts, Sale Items, Planter Pots

Sale - Super Sale Standard Pots

Small terracotta standard flower pots are great for craft projects. Holiday ornaments Valentines Day or Easter craft projects where you need a tin...

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Cirque Du Souffle

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New Ideas For Shabby Chic Garden Pots Terra Cotta Terracota, Garden Shop, Garden Pots, Herb Garden, Dream Garden, Party Garden, Garden Junk, Big Garden, Water Garden


The swenglish home terra cotta pots горшки Terracota, Vintage Gardening, Shed Kits, Garden Pots, Garden Sheds, Herb Pots, Garden Structures, Terracotta Pots, Clay Pots

The Swenglish Home

A string of hearts to you... Dear readers, On this heart-focused day, I would like to send a string of hearts to all of you, my...

Antiques by Joy: Aging Your Terra Cotta Pots. Soak in buttermilk. Scuff pots with sandpaper, soak in water, smear on buttermilk, cover and put outside to soak in buttermilk. Terracota, Garden Crafts, Garden Projects, Container Gardening, Gardening Tips, Flower Gardening, Pot Jardin, Clay Pots, Clay Flower Pots

Aging Your Terra Cotta Pots

If you've ever bought terra cotta pots and they seemed too pristine, there is a simple process for "aging" them and achieving that sweet patina many of us insist upon. I've heard of several "recipes" for mellowing the clay, but this one is simple. Take a piece of sandpaper and lightly scuff the pot - not all over, but here and there. Soak it in water for a few minutes. (While you scuff the next ones.) Place them in a container and pour buttermilk or yogurt over them. Make sure you smear them…

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That Dan Marty is something else...

I. Perhaps you've already read about Dan Marty over at Tartanscot — still, I couldn't resist sharing some images here on The New Victorian ...