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Very cute Just peachy peach Soft Enamel Pin! This cute and peachy Pin is nice and bright ready to come your way! Measurements are (width x height) x cm & come on a card backing. Made from the high quality soft enamel Original designs and limited supply Peach Aesthetic, Tsumtsum, Jacket Pins, Just Peachy, Cool Pins, Pin And Patches, Up Girl, Pin Badges, Lapel Pins

B-grade/Second JUST PEACHY enamel pin | Lapel pin | pin badge | HARD enamel pin | Cute kawaii | bright pastel

THESE PINS ARE B-GRADE/SECONDS: So, they may have a teeny tiny imperfection, but I promise you the pin is still adorable! Cute Just peachy peach HARD Enamel Pin! This cute and peachy Pin is nice and bright and ready to come your way! I personally love peaches, and especially the color! And the phrase "just peachy" works on so many levels, or at least that what I think, hopeful you do to. Like all product in my Etsy, this pin is an original design. I work with a local (Dutch) manufacturerโ€ฆ

Tแดœฬ แด‡ษด แดœษด ษขส€แดœแด˜แด แด…แด‡ แด‹แด˜แดแด˜ แดษชxแด›แด๏น– Hแด€s แด แด‡ษดษชแด…แด แด€ สŸแด€ ษดแดแด แด‡สŸแด€ แด„แดส€ส€แด‡แด„แด›แด€ ; Ulzzang Fashion, Harajuku Fashion, Kawaii Fashion, Ulzzang Girl, Pink Fashion, Cute Fashion, Mode Kawaii, Kawaii Girl, Japanese Fashion

์ธ„(Chuu), Nice to meet chuu ;)

๋งค์ผ๋งค์ผ ํ•ซํ•œ ๋ณ€์‹ ์„ ๊ฟˆ๊พธ๋Š” ๋„ˆ์—๊ฒŒ its you, ๋จธ๋ฆฌ๋ถ€ํ„ฐ ๋ฐœ๋๊นŒ์ง€ ์ธ„ chuu"

Korean Fashion โ€“ How to Dress up Korean Style โ€“ Designer Fashion Tips Cute Korean Girl, Asian Cute, Asian Girl, Korea Fashion, Asian Fashion, Girl Fashion, Aesthetic Girl, Ulzzang Girl, Girl Crushes

๊ฐ•ํƒœ๋ฆฌใƒ†ใƒชใƒ†ใƒช on Instagram: โ€œํ•‘ํฌ๋Š” ์—ญ์‹œ ์ธ„๐Ÿ’• @chuu_officialโ€

22.8k Likes, 48 Comments - ๊ฐ•ํƒœ๋ฆฌใƒ†ใƒชใƒ†ใƒช (@taeri__taeri) on Instagram: โ€œํ•‘ํฌ๋Š” ์—ญ์‹œ ์ธ„๐Ÿ’• @chuu_officialโ€

 random 1 from the story โœฟ Ulzzang Pics๏ฝก by demoanic (๏ฟผ) with reads. Korean Fashion Minimal, Korean Fashion Fall, My Beauty, Asian Beauty, Korean Girl, Asian Girl, Bangs And Glasses, Ulzzang Makeup, Uzzlang Girl

ulzzang icons | Tumblr

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asian | pretty girl | good-looking | ulzzang | @seoulessx โค Korean Street Fashion, Korea Fashion, Korean Girl Photo, Korea Boy, Uzzlang Girl, Pretty Asian, Korean Model, Tumblr Girls, Best Face Products

แ„Žแ…ฒ chuu korea official on Instagram: โ€œ#chuu ์ผ๋ณธ์—์„œ์˜ ์ผ์ •์„ ๋งˆ๋ฌด๋ฆฌํ•˜๊ณ  ์•„์‰ฌ์šด ๋ฐœ๊ฑธ์Œ ์ถ์ถ๐Ÿ˜ญโ€

6,427 Likes, 6 Comments - แ„Žแ…ฒ chuu korea official (@chuu_official) on Instagram: โ€œ#chuu ์ผ๋ณธ์—์„œ์˜ ์ผ์ •์„ ๋งˆ๋ฌด๋ฆฌํ•˜๊ณ  ์•„์‰ฌ์šด ๋ฐœ๊ฑธ์Œ ์ถ์ถ๐Ÿ˜ญโ€

#chuu  ์ปฌ๋Ÿฌ๋งˆ๋‹ค ์š•์‹ฌ๋‚˜๋Š” #์—ฌ๋ฆ„ํ‹ฐ์…”์ธ  ์—ฌ๋ฆฌ์—ฌ๋ฆฌ ์ฒญ๋Ÿ‰ํ•œ ์†Œ์žฌ๋กœ ์‹œ์›ํ•ด์š” Cute Korean Girl, Asian Cute, Asian Girl, Korean Bangs Hairstyle, Ulzzang Hairstyle, Sweet Girl Photo, Cute Fashion, Girl Fashion, Uzzlang Girl


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