BTC Wallet App Concept  by Vitaly Yakovchuk

BTC Wallet App Concept

I happy to show you another concept for BTC Wallet app. Managing your bitcoins never was easier :) Bright, easy to use, unusual design solution, it& all about this app.

wallet by Enes Ateş


We were so psyched about our previous post making the Dribbble homepage and scoring over views for the first time, we wanted to post another shot. This is how our users add t.

Android E-Wallet concept by Mike Malewicz

Android E-Wallet concept by Mike Malewicz

Payment Wallet (Updated) by Akash Bhadange

Payment Wallet (Updated)

With some changes, instead of grid view of stored cards, we have list view. Which makes easy to choose and enter data and proceed.

Credit Cards (Wallet) by Christian Vasile

Credit Cards (Wallet)

iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mockup Bundle – Mockup PSD – Best Photoshop Mockup Free For You

Payment Wallet - Cellpoint Mobile by Akash Bhadange

Payment Wallet - Cellpoint Mobile

A design of Payment Vault for CellPoint Mobile. You can use stored cards, add a new one, use party wallet or use vouchers for making an online payment to buy air tickets.