It's right up there with the very best of all Xbox 360 games, but now Bastion has been updated for Xbox One. Want it for free?

Bastion - I really love the art style of this game, the cartoonish effect done with a paint like medium. I like how the game is  the kinda isometric where the images look kind of 2D and 3D. I like the UI overlay aswell, its not to intrusive on the screen but still big enough to be noticeable and the icons and images fit within the games graphical style.

An isometric view of a floating, crumbling grass and stone ruin. The silver-haired protagonist is in the center, aiming a bow at an enemy.

bull island

- Bastion Hit's Today - Bastion coming to and Vita Genre: Action RPG Supported Players: 1 Player Developer: BlitWorks

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