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Tales of Berseria: Velvet Crowe - by sakimi chan

Tales of Berseria: Velvet Crowe - By Sakimi Chan

Hey Ahri, Let's Have Fun? by Eliskalti

eliskalti: “ Hey Ahri, Let’s Have Fun? Though Sona doesn’t really talk, this is the line I came up with.XD Had a fun time to do this. It’s first time I do a NSFW yuri stuff.(Kinda… I added the man’s part. You’ll see it when you get the.

412327-1084x769-league+of+legends+(game)-ahri+(league+of+legends)-kure+masahiro-long+hair-open+mouth-light+erotic.jpeg (1084×769)

ahri_(league_of_legends) animal_ears black_hair breast_hold breasts foxgirl kure_masahiro league_of_legends multiple_tails tail