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Ancient Tree Tunnel. Co. Meath, Ireland.

Tree Tunnel, Meath, Ireland This is the place i have always wanted to visit, my dream since i was a child! Still dream of Ireland it is so gorgous!

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# 17 of 83 - Fingal's Cave, Scotland. This Scottish sea cave is made up of hexagonally jointed basalt columns created by intense volcanic activity. It's Gaelic name means "the melodious cave" due to its haunting cathedral-like atmosphere.

Tataouine, Tunisia.

Berber Grain Storage Houses in the form of vaulted adobe buildings in the city of Tataouine in South Tunisia (famously known from the original Star Wars Movies) / photographed by Alex Erkiletian .

Abandoned tunnels under nyc

Meanwhile, under Manhattan: As work slowly but surely but mostly slowly progresses on the Second Avenue Subway, and East Side Access, construction crews have dug some really wonderful looking caverns.