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Mobile App and Web development company based in California. Augusta providing unique mobile application for Ipad, Iphone Android and windows. - Watch Create Short Meaningful Videos via

MosaicoGroup: inspiration for user interface on our system integration I've long been a fan of radial menus. though historically, I appear to have been in the minority

Cute and playful icon animations add a feeling of physical consequence of interacting with the menu. Though from a UX perspective if the menu can only be navigated in such steps it would be incredibly frustrating. Would be interesting to see how this would work if the user wanted to navigate to the end of the list.

GIF for Restaurant Menu

Greetings from Ukraine! We are alive and ready to work as never before ;) Every day here at Tubik Studio we deal with big companies, start-ups and individuals which gives us the possibillity to wor. by Sergey Valiukh

G: Illustration / I really really really like the character design and styling of this app explanation.

love this idea, design and presentation // Visionare IOS Mobile App by Pavel Novák, via Behance

Vanilla UI Kit

We’re happy to introduce you a new premium quality product focusing on bright color schemes and bold characters. Vanilla UI Kit is a great fit for…

Mobile UI - App Proposal on the Behance Network

Mobile UI - App Proposal on the Behance Network - love it when designers share their concepts interactive-web-mobile-digital-design

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