Lee Hammond makes it easy to learn how to draw! Great mini-lesson here, and more at ArtistsNetwork.com. #drawing #art

How to Draw a Rose

Artist Lee Hammond explains how to draw a rose with graphite in this free mini-lesson on flower drawing for beginners at ArtistsNetwork.

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Purple Onion.....great shading

I just want this more vibrantly drawn and hung up in my kitchen

Jane Freeman (watercolor painting)

The Egyptians held the onion at a very spiritual level, believing their rings meant 'eternal life'. They were the only food out of all the vegetables and fruit that the egyptians would depict in gold. "Spanish Gold" watercolor by Jane Freeman

Obje cizimi gsf hazırlık.

The use of light and dark shading helps to communicate the smooth texture of the object and the way in which light is reflected off it.