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모바일 UI 디자인 애니메이션 3가지 원칙

With the quick development of technology, animation is less of a visual luxury and more of a functional requirement that users expect. Animation solves a lot of functional problems within interfaces…

로그 작성 인터랙션   토스랑 비슷하게 돈을 보내는 과정 같은데, 토스는 페이지가 넘어가는데 이건 한 화면안에서 이루어지니까 더 간단해 보이는 것 같아요

A touch of a button interaction for complex send money flow. Created a year ago in collaboration with Zoltán Gócza and the amazing design team at Numbrs.

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UX 디자인에 모션 - UX 행성

UI design animation: Health App Login by Jakub Antalík - Dribbble - created via…