Anatomy Compilation 1 by KendallHaleArt

Anatomy studies from the past couple of months that I've done in my spare time. Contains nudity, but it is not graphic or erotic.

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Poses references <(. _. )>

all fours arm support armpits artist name ass bare shoulders barefoot black hair bra breasts butt crack character chart character sheet cleavage collage feet from behind hair over one eye kill la kill legs crossed lying matoi ryuuko multi

Elsword-2nd Job [10]

Elsword, Rants, and Sometimes Elsword Rants : Elesis - Blazing Heart Artist: KiO [pixiv].

メディアツイート: 高村はんぺん(@neo_hanpen)さん | Twitter

メディアツイート: 高村はんぺん(@neo_hanpen)さん | Twitter