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라네즈 비비쿠션,Special Event! | 아리따움 공식 사이트

라네즈 비비쿠션,Special Event! | 아리따움 공식 사이트


L'Oréal's Color Riche La Palette Nude 1 was inspired by make up designer 'must have' palettes, everything you need to master the art of nude eye shadow. Nude master-class looks exclusively designed for each palette.

Raymond Meier  http://www.raymondmeier.com/

Eternity for Men Summer 2011 edt Calvin Klein - ♂ мужской парфюм, 2011 год.

#Burberry | Still Life

Burberry Body~Crystal Baccarat Edition--rose essence and warm tonka beans that intensify the top notes of green absinthe and peach, the heart of iris, rose absolute and sandalwood and the base of cashmere, vanilla and musk.

Nars’s New Velvet Lipsticks Not quite a traditional lipstick, and not quite an opaque gloss, each of the 13 shades, which are inspired by the venues and ideas that led the sexual revolution of the ’70s, boasts a formula infused with a unique argan-oil blend, making this some of the most comfortable makeup we’ve ever worn.

Why Nars’s New Velvet Lipsticks Are Our First Official Fall Beauty Obsession

Not quite a traditional lipstick, not quite an opaque gloss, Nars’s new Velvet Lip Glides are our latest fall beauty obsession.

MOBILE_dolce-and-gabbana-the-one-perfume-women It is divine, first it smells like a new toy, some plastic note, then it finishes soft velvety sweet I want this