Teruel-zilla / Mi5 Arquitectos + PKMN [pacman]

Teruel-zilla / Mi5 Arquitectos + PKMN [pacman]

aarhus Designs Revolutionary Proton Therapy Center for Denmark,Courtesy of aarhus architects

Gallery of aarhus arkitekterne Designs Revolutionary Proton Therapy Center for Denmark - 5

Image 6 of 6 from gallery of aarhus arkitekterne Designs Revolutionary Proton Therapy Center for Denmark. Courtesy of aarhus architects

Blurring Boundaires Hospital Bispeberg

Image 2 of 2 from gallery of KHR Arkitekter, WHR Architects and Arup International Design Bispebjerg Somatic Hospital. Courtesy of KHR Arkitekter, WHR Architects, and Arup International Ltd.

Stewart Hollenstein and Colin Stewart Architects’ competition-winning proposal for the Green Square Library and Plaza includes a sunken garden at the heart of the library

Design for Sydney's Green Square, a "community living room" theme. Pic is of the view of the Green Square library garden with plaza above.

520d35a8e8e44edf1500007a_citizen-and-media-centre-winning-proposal-henning-larsen-architects_exterior_view_agora2.jpg 1,277×763 pixels

Stuttgart Citizen and Media Center by Henning Larsen Architects

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Image 2 of 8 from gallery of Competition Entry: WE architecture and CREO ARKITEKTER A/S' Proposal for New Medical Center Moscow. Courtesy of WE architecture

Hye Ro Hun House | IROJE KHM Architects

Amazing Home Exterior Exhibiting Geometrical Shape: Charming Hye Ro Hun House By IROJE KHM Architects Home Exterior With Underground Stairca.

El deseo de integrar 6000m2 de museo en el paisaje determinó la elección de la propuesta del estudio Plan01  en septiembre de 2002. El clien...

The new Historial de la Vendée museum, located in the vicinity of the village of Les Lucs-sur-Boulogne and nestling in the undulating landscape, offers an impression of the region’s eventful history from prehistoric times to the century.