Super cute nails for the summer

Tropical Nail Art That'll Transport You To Paradise

When I think of spring break, I think of the BEACH! I know it’s not summer yet, but I wanted to try my own version of beach or ocean nails :) I’ll show you two ways to ach…


Spring Wedding Nail Designs for Gorgeous Brides

Shattered-Glass Nails Look As Cool As They Sound #refinery29 The very first incarnation of glass nails. Watch this video to see the light-catching effect in action. It’s mesmerizing. ...

The Hottest Nail Art Trend In Korea Is Coming Our Way

awesome @nails2inspire on Instagram: “Credit to @peppermintpolish  #nails2inspire”

I had a bit of free time today so I decided to do this quick nail art, what do you think? ☺️ I used "blossom dandy", "blanc" "penny talk" and "style cartel", all by

かわいいネイルを見つけたよ♪ #nailbook

冬/ハンド/ストライプ/グレージュ/ジェルネイル - sarieのネイルデザイン[No.722450]|ネイルブック

かわいいネイルを見つけたよ♪ #nailbook

夏/ハンド/シェル/ホワイト/ジェルネイル - 白川麻里★神戸アンドネイルのネイルデザイン[No.504031]|ネイルブック

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Nail Art isn’t one thing that needs years of coaching, however to people who have gotten their nails done it will certain appear that method. Nail art is standard and might be found within the varied nail outlets that open up all the time.


Mani Monday: Nude and Silver Nail Tutorial

Opal nail design is just the pastel version Of rainbow!. This is such a easy and fun mani! Must try.

Opal nail design is just the pastel version Of rainbow! This is such a easy and fun mani! Must try Opal Nails

White and Gold Lines Design with Gel Nails.

35 Elegant and Amazing White and Gold Nail Art Designs

Minimalist white and gold nail art design. The nails have white polish in the background and thin strips of metallic gold on top forming an x pattern.

These nail trends were spotted on the runway shows and we will be popular during the whole year round. Find out which are they and do not hesitate to try all of them as soon as possible. browse for more. Enjoy in Photos!

Well this took a lot longer than expected but I like how it turned out and the simplicity of it ~ Inspired by a tattoo and made with acrylic paint and a regular paint brush from a craftstore (trimmed.