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80+ Productive Things To Do When Free

Productivity - it’s something that we all strive for. To be productive means to get things done when they need to be done, not after it’s too late. Being productive isn’t easy, especially with so

16 Powerful Money Affirmations that will make you wealthy

Ready to achieve your financial dreams? These 16 powerful money affirmations will propel you to take inspired action and make you wealthy in the process.

36 Transforming Christian + Positive Affirmations - Paisley + Sparrow

Positive and Christian affirmations can transform your day and turn negative thoughts into positive, God centered truths.

Personalized Birth Flower Earrings | Dainty Dangle Earrings | Personalized Floral Earrings | Stateme

** CUT-OFF for Valentines orders: 6th of February -------------------------------------------------------------------- This oval statement earrings is personalized with your birth flower on the front, and words/symbol on the back. Just simply nice and minimalist to wear anytime, anywhere! STATEMENT FLOWER EARRINGS ............................................... DETAIL • Oval dimension: 9x12mm • Material: 925 Sterling Siver • Color: 100% Silver, 18k Gold Plated, 18k Rosegold Plated •…

25 amazing law of attraction affirmations

Are you looking to manifest abundance into your life? These amazing Manifestation techniques make the job of attracting what you want so easy!

15 Affirmations for Personal Growth

Affirmations are a simple yet effective way to positively nourish your mind, body, and soul and to nurture self love. Affirmations will undoubtedly improve your life.

Attitude of Gratitude: 10 Affirmations for Gratitude on a Bad Day

Attitude of Gratitude: with a conscious effort you can change your attitude and perspective to gratitude one bad day at a time.

16 Powerful Money Affirmations that will make you Rich

Ready to achieve your financial dreams? These 16 powerful money affirmations will propel you to take inspired action and make you wealthy in the process.

Mothers Birthstone Necklace, Mothers Birthstone Cascade Necklace, Family Birthstone Necklace, Grandmother Necklace, 4 Kids, Mother of 4

This isn't your average mother's necklace, this piece tells a story...your story. A beautiful story uniquely yours. It is a wonderfully understated piece defined by the wearer. It is the celebration of beautiful life given. It may even be the celebration of a beautiful life lost, but never forgotten. It is a delicate representation of those who made you a Mom. This gorgeous necklace is adorned with REAL birthstones, that means no glass 'quartz', heat treated or dyed gemstones and REAL…


These 15 Gratitude Affirmations for When Life Gets Really Hard will help change your mindset and get you back on track to a more fulfilled life.

I AM.. The Most Powerful Words you can ever utter!

What are you trying to manifest or attract into your life? Money, relationships, the perfect life? It's very possible and very simple. The Law of Attraction Kit is an essential Guide filled with worksheets and exercises to help you attract what you want, unblock your portal of positivity and help you to really dig deep and uncover what could be holding you back. This kit comes in PDF format 8.5 x 11 standard paper size. It contains over 150 pages of content. The pages included are: - Raise…

10 Health Affirmations for Well Being

With everything going on with the global pandemic, health and well-being are top of mind for many. Whilst we should continue doing our part to follow published guidelines like social distancing and hand washing, many of us also want to apply some woo techniques to this time. So my woo friends, I've gathered 10 Health Affirmations to use during quarantine and social distancing. Here we go! 10 Health Affirmations Use these health affirmations to promote positive thoughts towards your…

10 Law of Attraction Mistakes - How to Manifest and Align with The Universe

Have you been trying to manifest but not seeing any results? Here are the 10 most common reasons why The Law of Attraction isn't working for you.

Free Numerology Reading - Numerology Secrets

2020 is the FIRST repeating number year of your entire lifetime. Decode the meaning of this and other secret Universal number patterns with your free Number

15 Money Affirmations That Will Inspire Your Life | Tuppennys Fireplace

Money affirmations that work fast is what you want. Not quotes that promise you riches immediately. I love money affirmations that are real and work for me