Olympic Infographics

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The Evolution of Olympic records | O Globo
Your guide to Olympic Short Track Speed Skating [INFOGRAPHIC] | Official Canadian Olympic Team Website | Team Canada | 2014 Winter Olympics
Great infographic with some fun facts and history of the Olympics.
Snow is falling and it’s time we start thinking about the #2014WinterOlympics in Sochi, Russia.  This year organizers wanted to bring a little more flare to the big show by adding six new events, including the ski half-pipe. Yes, things just got a lot more interesting. Overall there will be 98 events in 15 winter sports. This handy infographic details some of interesting facts about the Winter Olympics and the town of #Sochi
Olympic Quilt Challenge 2014
Here's a wonderful infographic of athletes to watch out for during this year's winter olympics.
Are you ready for Sochi?! With the addition of 12 new Olympic sports in 2014, we decided to illustrate the new events and how they are scored in an #infographic
Bobsleigh infographic
The Winter Olympics:  links to helpful sites like bios of the athletes