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Loader by Jokūbas Setkauskas


Paperclip Loader by Jokūbas Setkauskas

Paperclip Loader

Note Loader by Jokūbas Setkauskas

Note Loader

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Flat preloaders created by Pixel Buddha. Why not making waiting a little more exciting eh?

Flat Preloaders

Simple Loader Animation | UI Design

Simple Loader Animation | UI Design

More loader (Ideas)

More loader (Ideas)

Search and Loading Animation

Search & Loading

Spinner by Ben Gold


Loader [GIF] by Max Di Capua

Loader [GIF]

Placescore Loading Animation by Marcel Wichmann

Placescore Loading Animation

Big bold preloader. You can grab this animated PSD here.  This preloader is made out of vector shapes, so you can easily change the colour or the size if you need.  View this project on Behance.

Bold Preloader (GIF)

Meta by Creativedash


Simple Loader by Chad Casper

Simple Loader