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Transformers Universe UI - Icons, Mauro Pane on ArtStation at

e UI - Icons, Mauro Pane : Transformers Universe UI - Icons by Mauro Pane on ArtStation.

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442e07e289e8bf1940cb7a2d35beb382350c6c7566bce3-HrBwwA_fw658 (658×5406)

Player Select 2: The Sequeling by zeratanus

So I'm in two games with the same folks as the last Player Select so I had to go ahead and do one of the other group as well~ Edit: woa. Player Select The Sequeling

Player Select! by zeratanus on DeviantArt

But I wanted to doodle up my current Tabletop gaming group (D&D and had a blast with it~ Player Select!

'I Am Setsuna' Pixels by Phil Giarrusso

Fun homage to a game I love. Was also dying to finish some personal work!