Coway OXY generator and humidifier

SWBK designed the integral yet compact home electornic, OXY. It carries the function of air humnifier and oxygen generator. When its assembled as one piece, its integral, but once its disassembled, the sub body turns into personal oxygen generator.

Liberate Bluetooth Speaker | House of Marley

Liberate Bluetooth Speaker House of Marley LifestyledesignLifeStyleDesign Product Design

Naim Muso at

Naim Muso - This wireless streaming Muso system offers class-leading sound quality using 6 speakers & 6 amps, one for each driver. A signal processor splits the music up & sends it to the best driver based on frequency for optimal quality and fidelity.

Libratone Loop wireless speaker

Libratone Loop - the new wireless Airplay speaker from Danish to be launched on October online and in Applestores around the world.

Williams Sonoma Smart Tools Bluetooth(R) Speaker

Stellé Audio Metallic Audio Pillar

CMF we liek / Metal / Cooper / Brass / Tube / Stellé Audio Metallic Audio Pillar


Simple Speaker

This is another element that will be included with my up coming GUi, a set of speakers set behind machined mesh. I found it hard to get the detail of the speaker to show through, but I think its g.


Jack Speaker is a minimal design created by Australia-based designer Ben Wahrlich. Jack is a stand alone speaker individually hand crafted f.

Avantgarde Acoustic Zero

avantgarde acoustic zero 1 have all of the tonal advantages provided by horn technology avantgarde acoustic is know for without delay or distortion.