free poster download from Night In The Woods!  Because this is a really cool poster... and the game that's being created is really cool also.

bombsfall: The Night In The Woods Kickstarter ends this Friday. Please support our weird little game!

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Elements Battle by Elia Golovchak, via Behance

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.Fashion and Vintage styles.

Adventure era on Beh...

Adventure Era concepts for assets, architecture, environments and characters


I love totems. It would be cool to do animal totems, OR a totem that stacks items/symbols that are personal to each child.


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Garden Mania 2 by Ezjoy - Shop Lives  - Match 3 Game - iOS Game - Android Game - UI - Game Interface - Game HUD - Game Art

Garden Mania 2 by Ezjoy - Shop Lives - Match 3 Game - iOS Game - Android Game…

Character attributes - stats, etc. Ability to buy, upgrade, select power ups.

All children's app fonts seem to be chunky and large - maybe to help make them legible and appealing


U spiritual visual arts game UI Online Class - learn .