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the mudras for full body and mind balance is shown with two hands in the middle
Healers of the Light | Books on Instagram: "The Mudras are wonderful tools to trigger your nervous system’s response for healing, balancing, or detoxing the body. You can use these 3 mudras on a daily or regular basis to help your body and mind stay clear and balanced. Apply 1 mudra with both hands at the same time and hold the position for at least 5 minutes. Try to be relaxed when you do it to let your body focus on the mudra. You can repeat a mudra if you feel it’s necessary, or you can gr
two hands are in the middle of a yoga pose with words above them that read kalei mudra
Yoga Mudra - Kali Mudra
Chakra Health, Energy Healing, Acupressure Treatment, Acupressure Points, Therapeutic Yoga
Chinmaya Mudra
two hands making the shape of a hand with words above it that read kesana mudra