pink mist

Peaceful stream - purple flowers and pinkish mist. Can not read the Author's name, but this is a beautiful piece of art.

Republic of Korea (대한민국)

한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress] - artist also has more sketches on traditional Korean styling

This is a crazy technique using a clean and National Geographic magazines. You dissolve the ink.

One of my favorite art mediums is using CitraSolv concentrated cleaner on National Geographic pages to dissolve the deep, rich inks into unexpected designs and effects which can be used as elements…

Jumeoni. These were part of the #hanbox because there were no pockets. The left one is called Gwi Jumeoni and the one on the right is called Duru Jumeoni.  By Artist:Glimja on DeviantArt #KoreanTextiles #illustration

In early Joseon Dynasty,Korean married women used very big and heavy wigs named "Gache",to do up their hairs splendidly. Women thought thatthe higher and bigger wig means