遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(2-1)-骨盆篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 ::

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Start of the low, as per my usual style I start from the shoe and work upward. Just blocking things out at the moment slowly twekaing as I go, just about to start smoothing that ass out, and will c.


遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(2-2)-肩膀篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 ::

Click image for larger version. Name: Views: 308 Size: KB ID: 245360 Personal Notes: [Topology looks nice. Shoulder blades could be optimized a little.


遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(2-1)-骨盆篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::

Head topology

Female Character (A walk through in the whole process) Finished!

post-641-1220105282.jpg (508×550)

Please add "quadrangulate face" and "reduce face" feature in retopo mode.


遊戲模型佈線對動作變形之影響(2-1)-骨盆篇 @ WaHaHa 3D :: 痞客邦 ::