Mwell... Not the ones I ended up using, but still cool. Get inspired if you…

Not the ones I ended up using, but still cool. Get inspired if you like! Edit: This one's popularity has for some reason "blown up", so I am as.

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Hello hello, I didn't want to keep spamming with new threads every time I created something new, so I figured I would try and keep it contained to this one thread instead.

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Maguss is an AR mobile game which allows you to walk and explore the Earth while experiencing and living in the Fantasy at the same time.

Learn magic, cast spells and duel other wizards in the augmented reality world of Maguss.

ON/OFF Button with a really nice style.

On-Off Switch UI, antique

Training Ranks Design Process by Equiliari

At the bottom of every unit training there is a rank indicator that gives the player an idea of how advanced a training is. This is my process from approved concept to final design.

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Duelyst Artwork & Wallpapers - Artwork - Duelyst Forums

Counterplay Games is raising funds for DUELYST on Kickstarter! Brought to you by veterans from Diablo III and Rogue Legacy.