App for QNX Concept Car

A quick tour of one of the vehicles that QNX is unveiling at 2014 CES You know what?

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG with QNX Car 2.0 hands-on

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG with QNX CAR for Infotainment hands-on

Tucked in a corner of the massive North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center is a Mercedes-Benz AMG wrapped in flat black vinyl.

Imagined: Your car in the not-so-distant future

Future cars will have more informative touchscreen displays according to QNX. The car technology presented in this video is presumably possible today.

QNX Car platform 2.0 - 17" in-dash 1080p 512 point multitouch, 4G LTE, HTML5, video conferencing. #ios #android #blackberry

QNX's Car platform 2.0 puts a 1080p display, LTE, and video calling in your car

QNX Car platform - in-dash 512 point multitouch, LTE, video conferencing.

If your car has an in-dash computer that makes calls from voice commands, or gives live weather updates, chances are it’s running on technology by QNX Software Systems

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El Automóvil del Futuro, a la BlackBerry (CES

Porsche 911 with QNX Car 2 and complement BB.

It's strange to see a vehicle here at MWX especially one running BlackBerry - but here it is, a QNX Porsche 911 working also with a set of BlackBerry

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