Texture Art (Various Artists)

A very detailed, but stylized floor texture with a Normal map added for lighting detail. The swirls in the stone add a whimsical and fun element that make me thing of a fantasy setting and is something I personally would like to attempt.

painting grass

Buy HQ Pack of Painted Grass Textures by AppliePie on All textures are hand painted and detailed and composed in photoshop.

Metal.jpg (512×512)

Another hand painted metal texture. Really well done with it looking very worn and the use of bolts etc. I like it because the colour is more of a brassy colour rather than the usual grey/blue hue.

A stab at Hand painted textures - Polycount Forum

Loving how well the big shapes pop in this one - A stab at Hand painted textures - Polycount Forum

What Are You Working On? 2013 Edition - Page 414 - Polycount Forum

I chose this texture as it's very simple but the square platforms make it look very puzzled to get through as they could be traps