Hector SOS :: Packaging :: Farmacia Bolós

Hector SOS :: Packaging :: Farmacia Bolós (not sure about the font but I like the illustrations)

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Lama 921 chaise lounge.

Lama chaise longue, design by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zanotta. True style never relies on chance. Ludovica and Roberto Palomba certainly overlooked nothing in designing this classy chaise longue for Zanotta

VIØLATØR. Ross Burwell.

Designer, Ross Burwell, created the packaging for VIØLATØR, a series of brews that violate the German Purity Law. His direction is clean and direct allowing the design to feel unique from others brews in the German market.


Epic Bison Bacon & Cranberry All Natural Meat Bar Gluten Free, Paleo, Grass Fed Protein Bars - Box of 12 -

Good Morning and Tuamotu by Anderssen & Voll

Good Morning moka pot and Tuamotu cooking hob by Anderssen & Voll

Good Morning moka pot and Tuamotu cooking hob, set in a solid marble base! by Anderssen & Voll

Crystal bulbs from Lee Broom.

Crystal Bulb Lee Broom Taking inspiration from the delicate craftsmanship of crystal cutting, Crystal Bulb combines industrial influences with decorative qualities, transforming the everyday light bulb into an ornamental light fitting.

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