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pixel art pictures and jokes / funny pictures & best jokes: comics, images, video, humor, gif animation - i lol'd

Dark Souls - Onion BroPixel Artist: cyangmou Source:

Who is your favourite character in the Souls franchise? Mine is Siegmeyer of Catarina (Onionbro) -

シロス on

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ah the age old past time of spriting here you will find my edits, comics, etc and the legendary mega goose

PIXEL ART - Page 3 - Polycount Forum via

Knight by AtticusMars [Animated] - The heavy armor feels very natural.

[pixiv] Retro cute pixel arts! - pixiv Spotlight

Pixel arts are drawn with single pixels. Games are filled with these colorful deformed pixel sprites. Today's Spotlight is about nostalgic feeling sprites that make you wonder "Are they really pixel art?

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