Villa Urbana Projecto Pictogramas Pictogram project | Designers: Daniel Rodriguez. Xesta Studio and Tiago Costa

Villa Urbana, Projecto Pictogramas by Daniel Rodriguez, Xesta Studio and Tiago Costa

Today we want to share with our readers a free sample pack including 40 icons from Sympletts, a premium icon pack including 300+ elegant & m...

The free icon set of the week is a set of 40 free stroke icons. These 40 free stroke icons are a part of a larger icon pack called the Sympletts icon pack.

Miracle market is a campaign of talent donation.These are a part of UI/UX design containing icon set, illustration.

Hotel pictograms by Robert Karpati

Hotel pictograms by Robert Karpati

Free Line Icons Inspired by IOS7

different IOS icons that we have grown to understand and recognise each day through the growing use of interactive media.

Fineline Icons by (via Creattica)

Fineline Icons is a series of 300 icons in black and white line versions. Available in size of 256 and PNG, PSD, EPS and SVG formats.