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In this collection, we are going to showcase some of the best examples of an important UI element for a website that is loading bars.

Human iOS app UI. A little pressure for the user... Tendances Iscomigoo Webdesign

Another circular navigation idea. Again, I like the white copy over the top of everything too.

Creative Progress Bars: 50+ Examples And PSDs

Creative Progress Bars: 50+ Examples And PSDs

The 75 Inspiring Examples of Beautiful Loading Bar Designs - Progress Bar by Nina Geometrieva.


Progress bars

Trying out some progress bars for a new project i'm working on.

percentage bar progress ui

Don't miss out on these progress bar design ideas and trends for ajax content, form steps, and breadcrumbs for web design inspiration.

Exploring Progress Bars

Exploring Progress Bars

Exploring linear and radial progress bar charts to find a more unique image sequences for WatchKit.