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Animal Actions Rhythm Game - Let's Play Music

This Animal Actions Rhythm Game is the perfect way to get things moving and practice listening and note recognition skills at the same time.

Music Fortune Teller - just a little more

A Music Fortune Teller is a great way to review musical concepts learned. If you have forgotten how to play, here is a link that describes in detail how ..

8 alternatives to drilling flashcards for note reading help

Do you find you reach for the flashcards first when your student needs note-reading assistance? Try these 8 suggestions first for an effective change.

Boka's Music Products

Browse over 20 educational resources created by Boka's Music Products in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

A DIY Piano Teaching Tool For Hand Position Fixes

This easy-to-make piano teaching tool can help to encourage curved fingers and a rounded hand shape. Check out our 9 ways to use it!

Struggling note reader? Try our 7 solutions for success!

If you have a piano student who struggles with note reading than these 7 solutions could be the key to success!

The Montessori-Inspired Piano Curriculum by Keyndergarten

Lila has been VERY interested in learning to play the piano lately — and although I play myself, I had absolutely no idea how to teach someone else to play! Luckily, I saw Deniz’s Keyn…

22 Creative Ways To Play It One... More...Time...

Here's a quick and easy 'how-to' that will change up this part of your piano lesson routine. The next time you are wanting your piano kids to 'Play it again' try this activity instead.

Music Centers: Rhythm Race Note Naming Edition Level 2 - Rhythm Game

This is a super fun (yet truly educational!) game where students race to the finish line by naming the names of rhythm notes! Use in your daily lessons, as part of center activities, or as a great sub plan!This is Level 2: Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Beamed Eighth Notes, and Half Note(Also includes...

Plan the Ultimate First Piano Lesson for a Five Year Old Beginner – Colourful Keys

Lesson planning is a helpful tool for piano teachers, even if you don't follow it! This plan is for a very first piano lesson with a five year old beginner.

How to Practice Flowchart

This is flowchart is designed to help Elementary and Junior High/Middle school Band students practice effectively. Though it was designed for young students, it can also be useful in the high school band classroom. Young students often need guidance to help them when they are practicing at home. ...

3 Ideas for Helping Piano Students with Right/Left Coordination – Colourful Keys

Some piano students can struggle with right/left coordination when reading beginning piano pieces. Get 3 ideas for your struggling students in this post!

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Piano Practice Kits - Efficient Practice Gamefied – Colourful Keys

Piano students sometimes just go through the motions in their home piano practice. With these piano practice kits that will all change!

Animal Alphabet Clothespin Matching cards

Alphabet Clothes Pin Matching Cards on the staff Alphabet Keyboard Clothes Pin Keyboard Cards I’ve used the little animal characters I designed to create a matching game for students who are learning the note names around middle C. Students take a clothes pin and clip it on the matching letter on the staff. It’s fun, and […]

Music Apps - Color In My Piano

List compiled by Joy Morin ALL-IN-ONE APPS Music for Little Mozarts ($0.99) This app corresponds with the the Music For Little Mozarts piano method books (published by Alfred), but this app is perfect for any pre-school or Kindergarten-aged piano students. The app uses the characters Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear to learn about high versus low sounds,… Continue reading Music Apps