sisselwincent: Vacuum cleaners by Kristoffer Olsson Product Design #productdesign

sisselwincent: Vacuum cleaners by Kristoffer Olsson Product Design


Although ‘HP Shredjet’ doesn’t really sound as poetic, it’s a wonderful melange of three souls. It acts as a vacuum cleaner, stores garbage like a trash can, and also does a marvelous job as a paper shredder.


This collection of electronics, appliances and accessories has undeniable BDSM edginess.


The top functions like a regular trash bin, and the base like a vacuum. So just sweep the dirt towards the bin and watch it devour it all up! No more bending, no more pails;


What could be cleaner than an electric car? The answer is everything this Tesla vacuum concept touches! This autonomous vacuum operates almost entirely independent of the


The airborne vacuum machine product industrial design beautiful minimal by sumin shin mindsparkle mag.


The Vivacuum is a compact cleaner for people who are visually impaired. The appliance gets its ‘Vi’ prefix by compounding the words visualize and vacuum.


How would you feel about having your cleaning appliances on display? I& not entirely sold on the idea of leaving your vacuum out, but if I


Design Lab, stage 3 - Vacuum band cleans your room every day just with a push of a button.


They're a part of Papaya - an interactive vacuum that transforms an ordinary household chore into a game the


As you might've guessed from the name, Not Only Dust is a handheld vacuum solution for picking up more than fine particles.