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Outlander: Claire and the mists of Culloden. Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series, Outlander Book, Claire Fraser, Jamie Fraser, Wuthering Heights Quotes, Wuthering Heights 2011, Celine Sciamma, Fashion Fotografie, Portrait


Inspiration for daydreams and lingering thoughts. “You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” — JM Barrie, Peter Pan

Vintage Photo - This is my original artwork - do not claim as your own, but feel free to enjoy :) EDIT - I am happy to say that this work is now the cover art for the Swedish translation of "The Woman in Black"!(not MidnightBlack's work) Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Art, Portraits Victoriens, The Woman In Black, Photo Vintage, Wow Art, Gothic Art, Dark Beauty, Gothic Beauty

Vintage Photo by slight-art-obsession on DeviantArt

Trying for photorealism. Many thanks to the stock artists: Textures are from Caleb Kimbrough Vintage Photo

Tibetan Depiction of Agharta/Inner Earth. There are many “entrances” to the ‘Inner Earth: in South America, in Russia, in China, etc.

My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning: Photo

The Common-place Book of the Mercurius Aulicus, a Reactionary Tory Gentleman, who armed only with a Steampowered Babbage Engine and Pure Intentions, wanders the Time Streams and Aetheric Plane gathering an Eccentric Hodgepodge of Curiousities, Frivolities, Whimsicalities and Nonsense. Q. Why is your Tumblelog called "My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck by Lightning"? A. Because "My Grandmother's Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck by Lightning" wouldn't fit in the available space.

Past the House of Mystery by Charles Burchfield, 1924 House Painting, Painting & Drawing, Cleveland Art, Art Institute Of Chicago, Nature Scenes, Beautiful Buildings, Urban Art, American Art, Illustration Art

Journal of a Nobody

peira: “ Charles Burchfield: House of Mystery (1924) via Varysymbol ”

Photo by Luigi Mancini An ancient grave in the misty forest (Mausoleo del Marchese Edoardo Cahen a Torre Alfina, Italy Abandoned Churches, Abandoned Mansions, Abandoned Places, Beautiful Buildings, Beautiful Places, Amazing Places, Beautiful Forest, Misty Forest, Dark Forest

An ancient grave in the misty forest (Mausoleo del Marchese Edoardo Cahen a Torre Alfina VT)

View On Black Vedi tutte le mie foto - View all my photos Un'antica tomba nel bosco nebbioso An ancient grave in the misty forest Una tumba antigua en el bosque de niebla Une tombe antique dans la forêt brumeuse Ein altes Grab in der nebligen Wald Uma antiga tumba na floresta neblina Ένας αρχαίος τάφος στη misty δάσος Puslu ormanda bir antik mezar 霧の森の中、古代の墓 古墓中的薄霧的森林 Древние могилы в туманном лесу הקבר העתיק ביער הערפילי 안개 낀 숲에서 고대 무덤 धुंधला जंगल में एक प्राचीन कब्र Seno kaps ir miglains…

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Journal of a Nobody

The commonplace book of a teacher, counselor, and poet.