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The stylisation is really quite cool , they almost look like they are carved from stone , you using the planar brushes or polish to acheive that rough look?

Mud Stone Floor Tile 01 ...  asset, block, brick, floor, foot, game, ground, hand, low, lp, normal, painted, path, pattern, pavement, poly, road, rock, rough, seamless, stone, street, texture, tiling, udk, unity, wall, way

Buy Mud Stone Floor Tile 01 by jronn on This texture tiles perfectly and was created from a High poly sculpt, comes with diffuse, normal, specular maps, but .

Well, another tile rock texture, this time all in zbrush. The process was very similar to the first one, but I started with a basic rock model created from polysphere with a voronoi noise (surface option) and dropped in to

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