The perfect design for an exacto knife

iSlice Box Cutter is durable, stylish and safer than traditional utility knifes – and more expensive

Slice Pocket Cutter 10514 with Replaceable Ceramic Blade

Ergonomically designed for extra safety and convenience, this auto-retractable pocket cutter features a rounded-tip ceramic blade that never rusts.

Slice Box Cutter

Slice Revolutionizes the Box Cutter

The Slice Box Cutter is the world's first auto-retractable box cutter with a ceramic blade and patent-pending non-slip handle.

Stanley Quickslide Knife

Find Stanley Quickslide Knife in the Cutters category at Tractor Supply Co.The Stanley Quickslide Knife with a slim and compact design is innova

Titan Stanley Knife With Holder

Tools used for roofing and other diy

Option for 3s-5s, Week 2, Box Cutter for Blast Off

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