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This is an easy pattern. Circles are easy to crochet in general in simple dc, sc, etc.: just keep increasing groupings one more stitch farther apart for each and every new row and the circle should lay flat even if you keep going like that for forever.

Hopeful Honey | Craft, Crochet, Create: How To: Crochet The Block Stitch - Easy Tutorial

Learn to Crochet with Girlybunches - Crochet Block Stitch - Tutorial This weeks video. CLICK "SHOW MORE" is how I made this Crochet Block Stitch Check ou.

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The Ever-Gorgeous Christmas Tree is cute, realistic, and easy to work up. Just like your real tree, you can decorate this miniature Christmas tree pattern with beads or sequins to fully complete the look. You only need single crochet for this!

Crochet flower

Good practice for learning to read diagrams :) I love to crochet but for some reason I'm only just now learning how to do this 😂😂