Design by Shanti Sparrow Client: Oh Hey! Project Name: Magazine Design

When I am not illustrating I am a commercial graphic designer. I have been working in Australia since 2009 and am currently freelance with an amazing boutique studio called Bug Communica…

Magazine design: OPAQUE by Widya Widya

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Saskia Pomeroy, art, design, colorful graphic, pattern

Saskia Pomeroy is a multidisciplinary artist working within print, drawing, painting, sculpture and textiles. Saskia’s work explores the relationships within compositions of colour,texture and shapes.

Welcome to Planet Luke: home to the raw artwork of Luca Lozano | Crack Magazine

Welcome to Planet Luke, where Klasse Recordings boss Luca Lozano creates intentionally crude artwork to match his labels’ gnarly sounds

버블티, 가벼운 칼로리vs무거운 가격 [인포그래픽] | VISUAL DIVE

버블티, 가벼운 칼로리vs무거운 가격 [인포그래픽] | VISUAL DIVE

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Again, the simple style and adding those different shades of colors make the poster really enjoyable